The TLDR Tips. I get it, we’re all busy.


6 tips to overcome the pressure for perfection:

  1. Set realistic goals.
    Be realistic with yourself and understand that you are only one person.
  2. Consider delegating. 
  3. Be kind to yourself and think positively. You are doing the best you can. 
  4. Reflect on all of your accomplishments and write down all you’ve accomplished in a day/week/month.
  5. Identify what “good enough” looks like for you. 
  6. Aim for balance. There is no point in killing ourselves to live and maintain life. Life is meant to be enjoyed – don’t forget that! 


Easy Gratitude to end 2022

1. Write ONE item/person/thing you are grateful for each day until 2023.
2. Thank at least one person in your life each week until 2023, and tell them why.
3. Volunteer at (or donate to) a local organization that you are grateful for.

5 Tips to Enter a Room with Confidence

  1. Before entering the room, remind yourself how incredible, how unique, and how spectacular you are. There is only one you in the world!
  2. Before entering the room, practice answering basic questions about yourself and doing so with a smile.
  3. Tell yourself that others will be lucky to meet you because ______.
    Identify your reason. It can be anything! It can be something about your personality, your career, or your interests. It can be because there is only one you in the world.
  4. Practice active listening and curiosity, and ask questions.
    By focusing on those around you, you are being present and it does not welcome self-doubt.
  5. Be self-aware and practice self-talk.
    The moment you catch yourself in your head, you are not living in the present. When self-doubt creeps in, remind yourself how great you are!

6 Ways Singles can Address the Dreaded Relationship Status Questions

  1. I am single because I refuse to settle and I know the right person is still out there.
  2. I am single because I have other priorities and that special someone has not come into my life yet.
  3. I know I am not ready to explore a new relationship and would like to prioritize myself right now.
  4. I will share if I am seeing anyone when I am comfortable divulging that information.
  5. The way I am living my life and meeting people is what makes me happy.
  6. I don’t feel comfortable discussing this right now.