Women Like Us Series: Boundaries

Today I was going to post one of the interviews. The plan was to hit publish at 6:00 pm tonight so that readers could get to know another amazing woman in my life. Then my friend got back to me with her truth. 

She wasn’t happy with the outcome of the interview. It wasn’t necessarily her answers. It was that she didn’t feel she was her best self or that she could be her best self at the time of the interview. She is going through a lot right now. 

Her heart was open. She even said that the interview can still be posted, and she didn’t want to delay my process. 

The reality is, she was breaking her own boundary to potentially benefit me. I refused to allow her. 

I told her, the blog can wait. We can forget the blog, let’s focus on you. 

Nothing is more important than

1) Respecting your own boundaries

2) Having the self-awareness to state your boundaries and protect them

3) Respecting where others are emotionally

This week, we may or may not get another woman Like Us Series post. I have some recordings to type up. If not, it will be your standard blog post. 

My friend deserves her peace of mind, her healing, her relief.

Remember, you need to look out for yourself. Hopefully your friends and family can support that too!

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