Meaningful connections you seek, meaningful connections you get.

Life set almost 30 years for me to find my people. 

When I say “find my people,” I mean find a group of strong connections. The connections that add depth to the conversation while free of judgment.  The ones who make life more beautiful simply through a chat over sushi, or a voice memo about their day. 

Some of these people have been around my entire life (family) and others only recently joined the club (Jersey City dog community). 

The reality is, people come and go in life.

I used to expect people to leave, likely due to the frameworks I developed as a child. Hopefully not so much anymore. 😂

However, when there are no expectations,

when you simply enjoy the conversation at the moment, 

when you allow time to reveal all, 

you find the strength of a connection. 

The allure of it all is that meaningful connections never stop. More strong connections will develop throughout life. Some will fade with time – life happens. Others will join. 

The remainder of my life is the time it will take to give back to those people within and beyond my web of influence. That’s why I’m here today, writing this post. 

If I met you last year, 20 years ago, or you’re still a stranger, you can still reach out. If I can help inspire, connect, or lift you, I will. 

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