5 Lessons Learned from the Women Like Us Interview Series: A part of my passion project

My passion project is called Maple’s Mission. As part of Maple’s Mission to educate and empower others, to help others build their confidence, I started a Women Like Us interview blog series. What began as something for fun, spiraled into an inspirational conversation.

In an effort to share my journey and lessons learned with aspiring #entrepreneurs and #womeninbusiness, I took note of 5 lessons from the Women Like Us interview series:

1. When you create a powerful mission, people will want to participate

Maple’s Mission, for now at least, is to: empower others, and help others build their confidence. The Women Like Us interview series was created to help me (and the audience) learn how other women have built their confidence and created their self-care + beauty routines over time. The instant I asked people to be part of the Women Like Us interview series, I received “yes” across the board. I’ve even had people see the series and message me to be part of the journey.

The interviewees have meaningful messages to convey. Messages so powerful my skin developed goosebumps during the interviews. The opportunity to share their inspiring stories while helping others overcome their own insecurities is fulfilling to me. I hope more people reach out to be part of the series and to inspire others on their self-confidence journey. So if you’re interested, message me!

2. “If not you, then who?”

My friend Mecca said this in her interview. She was sharing this advice with the audience. The message isn’t just for girls or women though, the message is for anyone out there. Anyone aspiring to do something but has not. 

3. Every person has their own unique way of inspiring others

So far I’ve interviewed 8 women. Of those 8 women, each and every single one of them has an inspiring message, an inspiring story. I feel blessed to hear these stories firsthand and to share their messages with the world. 

4. Women want to see other people (especially women) succeed 

Women want to see others succeed. It is true. Read the stories. The interviewees are encouraging others to overcome their fears and overcome their insecurities to make an impact on the world. Anyone can make an impact on the world.

Will you take action to make an impact? 

5. Every woman [person] has overcome insecurity, but not every woman [person] has the courage to be vulnerable about how they overcame or embrace that insecurity 

Part of the reason I started the Women Like Us series was to understand how beautiful people, both inside and out, have insecurities and to learn their strategies for confidence and overcoming insecurities. The reason this lesson contains “[person]” after the word women is because I do believe every person has overcome insecurity (internal or external). 

The reality is, people do not talk about their vulnerabilities or insecurities. We see the images projected. We see confidence. While I see value in only displaying confidence, I believe there is power in vulnerability and in sharing how confidence is built over time. 

For those struggling with their confidence, it is crucial to understand that even the most confident person in the room had to work hard to get there. 

Those that have the courage to be vulnerable, I applaud you.

In conclusion, the Women Like Us series has taught me about confidence-building, taking action, beauty habits, and vulnerability. Those were the obvious lessons I knew I would learn in the process. The series has also taught me about content creation, making an impact, and helping others. Those are the lessons shared with you today.

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