The Search for a Fulfilling Life: The secret is we’re all figuring it out

Sitting on the subway with a zombie gaze. Different faces shuffling in and out. You feel both full and empty.

How many people never feel fulfilled? 



Who else around you feels this tug? Who else never says it out loud?

After meeting people from all walks of life over the last few months, I learned one key commonality: Everyone is trying to figure life out. 

The ones who seem most fulfilled are the ones that have a strong inner circle. A circle where they can relate with one another, challenge one another, and fully embrace one another as they are. 

The feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction, or contentment in life is not something all people believe is within reach. Some people never choose to start searching, and that’s ok. Others are constantly searching for the feeling but never find it. 

Some people say the feeling comes from within. I’m here to tell you, there is more to “comes from within” than self-improvement, mindset, and confidence-building. “Comes from within” also means awareness of the world, strength to push through difficult times, and courage to change what you can control.

Are you willing to pay attention to the external circumstances you allow to influence you? Do you have a strong circle? What is and who is around you? 

The reality is:

  • Sometimes that job you’re in isn’t the right job for you
  • Sometimes that relationship you’re in isn’t the right relationship for you.
  • Sometimes your daily habits aren’t the habits for you. 
  • Sometimes your mindset isn’t right for you. 

You can change each of these. You have the power to.

The fulfillment, the satisfaction, the contentment is within reach if you listen to these realities. If you put in the effort to change your circumstances. 

It is time to execute. You need to address the world around you and adapt. The external surroundings and circumstances will change you and how you feel. 

There are 2 things I want you to take away from this post:

1) You have the power to change your circumstances

2) You are not alone in your journey. No matter how isolated, lonely, empty, unfulfilled, or unsatisfied you may feel, you are not alone.

If you feel unfulfilled, lonely, or empty in your journey, please know that I will pick up my phone, I will respond to your message, and I will make the time.


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