10 Tips on How to be Confident

Confidence appears to be something some people have naturally and others don’t. The reality is, most people have struggled with confidence at some point in time. Based on a lot reading and podcast listening, I have found building confidence requires intentional focus, consistency, and time.

While I am a constant work in progress, I know that I must constantly work on my back pocket strategies for confidence. Over time, I have found some trends with what situations I allow to make me feel less confident and the back pocket strategies help me get through those moments.

My goal is to have unwavering confidence and to help others get there along the way.

Below are 10 tips on how to be confident based on a collection of resources.

10 Tips on How to be Confident

  1. Know your values and live true to them
  2. Work towards a manageable list of goals for yourself
  3. Practice self-care
  4. Develop positive relationships
  5. Surround yourself with the right people
  6. List your positive qualities and remind yourself of them
  7. Use affirmations!
  8. Remember, you are not alone
  9. Be curious
  10. Face your fears – try new things!

Want more tips to be confident?

Utilize this confidence building workout or explore other resources online (Entrepreneur, VeryWellMind).

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