Freewrite Friday: Here are my why’s, what’s yours?

The Freewrite Friday’s are simply a flow of thoughts released on the page with minimal edits. There is no strategy behind the writeup. It’s simply a free-write on a Friday.
Action helps me get out of my head.
Helping others helps me finding meaning in life.
Learning by doing is more useful for me than memorizing.

Maple’s Mission started as a blog to help others and to keep me busy. By doing, I started to see the potential and the power of impact. The vision became greater than a blog, and significantly greater than me.

My why isn’t for me. My why is that if this process helps one person, even if that one person is myself, then it is worth pursuing.

Too many people have an idea they sit back on because of the negative “what if” scenarios. Too many people sit back because they are scared what other people will say.

I was that person. In some moments, I still am that person. Last night I posted on my Instagram:

“I’m trying to build something.

It makes me excited.

What if I can’t?

Then I remind myself, these thoughts don’t serve me.

What if I can?”

Everyone has a purpose on this planet. Everyone can provide value to others in some way.

I think my why is to help others feel their inner beauty, feel their confidence, feel their impact on others. My why is to help others be their best selves, to feel their beauty.

I don’t know how it will all unfold but we’re in this journey together. For now, I will continue posting feel good, insightful content. In the meantime, I ask, what is your why? Or, what are your why’s?

If you have any questions or want to chat, please feel free to reach out.

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