How to Apply Makeup: RMS Beauty Round 2

As promised, I once again met with Donna Jacobs at RMS Beauty. Only this time I had products readily available to get my makeup tutorial and we had a pre-established relationship, making our time together filled with laughter.

If you didn’t get a chance to read about our first conversation, you may want to skim through the RMS Consultation post.

How to apply makeup: RMS Beauty

How to Apply Makeup: My Learnings

1. A Little Goes A Long Way

When we got to the point of applying the Eyelights Cream Eyeshadow, Donna said “just a small amount, a little goes a long way.” In my mind, a small amount was slightly larger than a pea size. That’s what has always worked for me when people say “a little goes a long way.”

Let me tell you… That amount was still TOO BIG. When I went to apply the slightly larger than a pea eyeshadow, I looked like I got into a bar fight. The product was so easy to apply, had this beautiful glimmer, and felt so smooth. The only issue was I put too much on! We spent the next 5 minutes trying to fix my fake black eye. I took the paper towel and had to lightly dab around my eye to remove some of the product.

When we moved onto the next eye, I got it right! Taking the leftover amount from my hand, my right eye had the perfect amount of shadow for an elegant, classy look. My green eyes popped with the purple shimmer shadow.

So yea, a little goes a long way with RMS Beauty Eyelights Cream Eyeshadow. Below is a photo for entertainment.

“Eyeshadow will look differently on different people. Everyone’s bone structure is different. Playing with light and dark for contrast is something to experiment with. Think of it as coloring with crayons, you’re surely allowed to color outside the lines.”

Donna Jacobs

2. Find How to Apply Makeup that Works for You

As I was applying the foundation, Donna kept saying “you can tap it on with your fingers, you can use the sponge, you can gently use a brush.” It helped me realize that there is no right or wrong way for how you apply the foundation, as long as you are tapping it on. Do what works for you.

Not going to lie, I have always smeared my foundation on my face. This is apparently a no-no because it leads to uneven distribution of the foundation. I had no clue.

What I loved about the foundation as I practiced tapping it on was that it was smooth and buttery, almost like a chocolate mousse. It even came with a mini butter knife-like tool to scrape the product onto your hand and maximize using all the product in the container. The thing is, not everyone likes liquid foundations. So again, you need to find what works for you. I found that this liquid foundation serves me perfectly.

3. A Healthy Product Feels.. Healthy!

When I began applying the beauty oil, my skin immediately felt hydrated and refreshed. My skin felt like it received nutrients. The healthy oil felt just that, healthy.

4. Read the Ingredients & Know the Brand

As I’ve mentioned in the past, RMS Beauty has been a long term favorite of mine for natural makeup. I was first hooked by their lip2cheek and Signature products. I remember feeling like the products were nourishing my skin while making me feel pretty on the outside.

For your reference and as described on their website: “RMS Beauty products are GLUTEN FREE*, GMO FREE, SOY FREE, NANO FREE AND WE DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS.” Although their mascara does contain wheat starch.

How to Apply Makeup (RMS Beauty)

Here’s how to apply makeup based on my experience, my RMS Beauty products purchased and my preference for a more natural look:

  1. Begin with moisturizers, oils, and primers
  2. A little goes a long way – start small, you can build for more coverage
  3. Rub the product on your hands before applying to your face
  4. Foundation is best to warm with your finger tips before being tapped onto the skin, starting in the center T-zone and working to the outer edges of your face
    “Applying with your fingers will give the most full coverage, a brush-medium coverage & dampened sponge, the sheerest of coverage.” -Donna
  5. Foundation / skin products should also be blended over the jawline and onto the neck lightly. Blending is key to a flawless finish.
  6. Highlight can be used just below the eyebrow but there should not be eyeshadow that high up.
  7. A dampened qtip can be used for easy cleanup
  8. “When all done, stand back and look at yourself in a full length mirror. Back away from looking at just the face. That’s when you can add more or soften it.” – Donna

At the end of the day, makeup is meant to be a fun addition to our lives. It can be an art or it can be a quick way to feel beautiful. So how to apply makeup? Well, the look you’re going for is totally up to you! After all, the inner beauty is what matters most.

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