I signed up for an RMS Beauty Consultation and here’s how it went:

RMS Beauty has been one of my favorite makeup, skincare brands since 2017. I think I stumbled upon the brand when researching natural makeup products. The brand has natural and organic ingredients nourishing the skin, as opposed to destroying it. That’s why I fell in love with the products. People say watch what you eat, but it should also be “watch what you eat and what you apply to your body.” So when thinking about how this blog can add value for other women, I thought it might be fun to learn more about one of my favorite beauty brands and share about my experiences along the way.

makeup care and inner beauty

I jump on the call with Donna Jacobs, the RMS Consultant, and right away I am greeted with a genuine, heart warming smile. We started chatting and I addressed why I scheduled the call. I told her about my own insecurities with applying makeup accurately, my passion for natural makeup products, and my journey ahead with Maple’s Mission.

She was supportive, encouraging, and enthusiastic to help with all of the above. And I don’t think she was just saying it to obtain sales!

We spent a significant amount of time talking about the health aspect of makeup. I said how I feel the industry is saturated with damaging products and there is not enough focus on the holistic, natural, health aspect required for makeup. After-all, we apply makeup to our skin, the largest organ of our body.

There is a statistic out there stating “60% of what is put on the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.” It is unclear how accurate this statement is however, there is truth to the skin absorbing products applied onto it. “Studies show that a variety of ingredients in skin care and other beauty products are present in the blood and urine of tested subjects.  Studies also show a marked decreased in the levels of these chemicals when use of the products containing them ceases” (Root Whole Body). This is why it is important to recognize, what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.

After bonding about the importance of natural ingredients going onto our skin, Donna educated me on makeup and beauty. Throughout the call, Donna said a few comments worthy of sharing today:

Each eyebrow is different, they’re sisters not twins.

Donna Jacobs, RMS Beauty Consultant
  • It [makeup] should be simple
  • Contour is too much and can make makeup overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be that complicated.
  • Remember, the skin is your largest organ
  • Silicone is a redflag for products, especially for people that have sensitive skin
  • Just a little makeup goes a long way, it’s on the inside that matters

It should be similar to how you feel inside, happy and simple

Donna Jacobs, RMS Beauty Consultant

Since I didn’t have products on hand, I asked a few general questions about applying makeup. Below are the questions and responses:

1. How do you apply eyebrow makeup?
“Each eyebrow is different. They’re sisters, not twins. You’ll want to brush them more than color them if you want a more natural look.

This led us down a conversation around our own eyebrows. I told her how I have never heard of that statement before. I’ve always questioned why one of my eyebrows had a hairless patch and a higher arch. Now it makes sense. The eyebrows don’t need to naturally match!

2. When I look online or walk into a store, I don’t want to have to talk to someone to match the right foundation color to my skin tone. Yet when I look, I don’t know the right color. Sometimes my skin has a paler tone to it and other times it’s more of an olive coloring. How do you identify the right tone for foundation?

You can try samples and put a bit of the product on your skin to see if it matches. You can also order samples online.” [Then proceeds to show me how you can tell if the color blends in well]

3. Does RMS Beauty have a lighter-weight foundation? I don’t like feeling as though my skin can’t breath and the foundation I currently use isn’t healthy for my skin.

Our newest fillable foundation is light and covers for scars and birthmarks. I like how light it is on my skin.

What I loved about the conversation with Donna was how positive she was and how enthusiastic she was about the importance of natural makeup products. I could sense that she sees each person for their natural beauty and it was even reflected when she stated, “just a little makeup goes a long way, it’s on the inside that matters.”

This is why it is important to build self-confidence and self-care habits each day. By focusing on what’s on the inside, all of your beauty will shine even more. The makeup is just a nice addition.

Call to Action: Please start to be more cautious of what you put on your skin. I will help you find the right resources if you have any questions. Simply join the Maple’s Mission Facebook Group or email us to ask any questions.


For anyone interested, I left that call choosing to purchase the following items:

  1. Straight Up Volumizing Peptide Mascara (travel size)
  2. Eyelights (spark)
  3. Beauty Oil
  4. “Un” Cover-Up Cream Foundation
  5. Lip Palette & Brush

You can use this link for free shipping on purchases over $30.

I will be meeting with Donna again to do a follow up post sharing how to apply the makeup.

RMS Beauty and Natural Makeup

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