6 Ways Singles can Address the Dreaded Relationship Status Questions During the Holidays

Singles During the Holidays

Holidays are a loving and romantic time of year. Families and friends celebrate simply spending time with one another. It’s the time of year when couple engagement announcements flood social channels left and right.

As for us singles, we like, we celebrate, we continue living our lives, and we share the joy. Until when…

When the one friend, or the one family member, decides to ask any one of the following:
– are you seeing anyone?
– why are you still single?
– do you even put yourself out there?
– how are you meeting people?
– do you want kids? You might want to hurry up.

While I know there is good intent behind the questions, my true feelings behind them are: These questions and comments get annoying. If I was seeing someone and wanted to tell you then you would not have to ask. Then, let me live my single life.

It’s almost like being single is unacceptable or being in a relationship should be priority number one. It does not matter if a relationship is priority number one or not. Life manifests in the way it is meant. What that looks like for each person is different.

To prepare the singles out there, below are possible ways to address the dreaded relationship status questions around the holidays. You know the questions are coming.

  1. I am single because I refuse to settle and I know the right person is still out there.
  2. I am single because I have other priorities and that special someone has not come into my life yet.
  3. I know I am not ready to explore a new relationship and would like to prioritize myself right now.
  4. I will share if I am seeing anyone when I am comfortable divulging that information.
  5. The way I am living my life and meeting people is what makes me happy.
  6. I don’t feel comfortable discussing this right now.

Here are some tips on how you address the relationship status question:

  • Be concise and direct
  • Thank them for their concerns about you
  • Choose to change the topic

Don’t dread the “why are you single” questions. See this as an opportunity to show that you are thriving simply by being you.

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