Freewrite Friday: New Yorkers are Kind

New York Subway Kindness

Some people say New Yorkers are tough and cold but a true New Yorker knows better. Most of us are simply direct and tend to prefer that people don’t waste our time. So let me tell you an example of NYC kindness and hopefully, make you smile for a second.

Today I fell on the subway stairs. And by fell, I mean this: Picture post-Bode Eileen with her feet up in the air, tailbone gravitating into the metal step, Juice Press smoothie rolling down the stairs, and a MetroCard flying somewhere. Yup. I was “shook“.

It was scary at the moment however, three generous people stopped to support me. One man immediately came to me while grabbing my loose belongings, one individual wisely asked if getting up was safe, and another man attempted to call for help.

Of course, my initial reaction to getting help, aka an ambulance, was “I am not paying $1000 for an ambulance.” To which they said, “actually it’s $1500” (the more you know). Once I slowly got up, I thanked all the helpful people.

The kindness didn’t end there. The man who brought me my belongings and helped me up let me sit next to him on the subway to make sure I was OK.

As I painfully stood up, we nodded to each other and I walked off the train to my next meeting.

Two strangers, unlikely to ever meet again. Life goes on.

Love New Yorkers, hate New Yorkers. This was a love New Yorkers moment.

Shout out to the people who help strangers. You’re the MVPs. Thank you!

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