Introduction to Maple’s Mission

The story behind Maple’s Mission and the reason we are here for you today.

A recent KPMG study found that 75% of executive women experience imposter syndrome and 54% of executive women shared that it gets more lonely as their success progresses. After years in the technology industry, I have experienced imposter syndrome and I have experienced the sense of loneliness when executing as a top performer. Success does not equate to inner happiness or confidence.

Confidence is built over time and it starts within. While I have always prioritized self-awareness and improving, the more I thought about the root cause of my own imposter syndrome, my own insecurities, and self-doubt, the more I realized how helpful it could be to have a community of women to learn from beyond “women networking.” A community where women can learn:
– strategies to feel confident both inside and out,
– mindset shift tactics,
– and actions/habits others take.
A community focused on women lifting women. A community that empowers, educates, and unites women without judgment.

When one projects confidence, one’s life can change. Think of the law of attraction. The law of attraction is about “matching energetic frequencies to attract the things we desire into our experience. It is based on the idea that like attracts like, and equally dislike attracts dislike.” Essentially, we attract thoughts, experiences, and people similar to what we have in our own minds. In an effort to attract a positive community, and to increase my own knowledge of what it means to feel confident, I created Maple’s Mission. Maple’s Mission is to gather, strengthen, and empower women from all backgrounds to maximize a sense of their inner, and outer beauty and strength. We will do so by sharing resources with women on confidence building, self-care and beauty habits, and more.

Imagine if we can build a beautiful community where women empower each other and share their habits for feeling successful and feeling beautiful. My goal is to help women feel confident in all aspects of life, no matter the adversity they may have faced.

If you are interested in getting involved somehow or if you have concepts you want to learn more about, please feel free to contact me at empower at

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